My Leap Of Faith

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” -Thomas Jefferson

I am writing to you today to get your opinion on something I have been struggling with. Everyday I feel more and more passionate about the message of the Academy. My gut tells me that we are very close to a tipping point in our world. What I am thinking about is totally out of the box and actually quite scary for me.

First, I want to let you know last month was the first time that I did anything really to promote the Academy. I wrote 5 articles late at night and we got 17,500 hits to the blog, 3,600 people went to the Academy landing page, 600 people opted in to see the presentation to join and 46 of you joined last month. I am happy to say that out of the 100 or so that have joined so far I have not had 1 refund. I know that all that have joined have seen the tremendous value the Academy offers and how unique it is. Many of you have told me that they would have paid 10x the price of admission to join the Academy.

My dilemma is that, while this is all cool, it is nowhere near enough to make any effective change.
We need millions to see what the Academy has to offer and we are short on time.

I have been speaking with “Professor X” recently and he is a huge fan of the Academy. He came to me this morning about a crazy idea of just giving the Academy away for free to everyone. I have 6 years and $30,000 invested in this Academy and he wants to give it away for free?! This isn’t the first time I have been asked to do this, but I never took it serious until today. This is what I need your opinion on.

“Believe in yourself, the USA needs the Sons of Liberty Academy sooner rather than later or I’m afraid our great country could take a serious turn for the worse. I truly believe what you have to say could make the difference in giving our country (and our Constitution) a chance our surviving what is headed our way. “ – Professor X

My leap of faith.
What is the quickest way to spread an idea? Give it away for free. After all, that is exactly what the Elite do with their Main Stream Media. As many of you know there is tremendous value in the Academy and it is by far the best weapon against the Elite. The Academy destroys ALL of the deceptions that the Elite use to enslave us. It leaves no stone unturned and is the most comprehensive plan to turn around our world. This plan is I feel the best way to get the message of freedom out to as many people as possible while we still have time.

I spoke with another Academy member who is an Military contractor currently in Afghanistan. He has told me that the Academy changed his life. He does not know what to do, knowing what he knows now. He has committed inhuman acts while supporting his family and ultimately the Elite that enslave all of us. I told him that is the sick and genius part of their Elite’s system. You become dependent on the system, so you defend the system.

As many of you know I was raised in the car dealer world of New Jersey. New Jersey had the most car dealers per square mile than anywhere else in the world. In this ultra competitive “scummy” business, I excelled. I used my excellent reputation and my ability to “see into the future” to turn my inventory in record times allowing me a competitive advantage in the market place. Even though it was my family’s business, it was a very shark mentality environment.

I walked away from millions in my family business May of 2008 for two reasons. First, I saw that the business was going to collapse. (Five months later it did.) The second reason was I wanted out of the shark mentality that was so pervasive in my life. I literally left everything behind. My business, my family, my contacts and my life to move to rural Ohio to start an new life for my young and growing family.

My current line of work involves training investors to invest in foreclosed properties. This was a huge switch for me mentally, not only from a bricks and mortar business into an internet business. The real change for me came from the shark mentality to a new mentality of abundance. The abundance mentality is about giving your all and you will receive far in excess in return than you could possibly gain in being a “shark”. It has taken two years in this environment for this to really sink in and now I am ready.

My road block is that there is nothing like the Academy and most promoters “just don’t get it”. Advertising is expensive and difficult to do. Word of mouth for people to buy, is way too slow. And I don’t want to “sell out” and have someone with deep pockets buy the Academy to promote it properly or worse shelve it. My current efforts are good but we simply don’t have the time I feel to grow it without something really radical.

The radical idea is to give away my life’s work and rely on member support to advance the Academy.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

What if you had something so special and that you spent so much time and effort on, would you give it away?

I guess the real question is, what would you do if the next American Revolution started tomorrow?

Would you answer the call?

Would you leave your comfortable world to step into the unknown?

Would you do the right thing when everyone is telling you, “don’t do it”?

Would you sacrifice your life so that others can have a shot at living?

Zbigniew Brezinski had a speech in front of the CFR about the Elite’s fear of a Global Massive Awakening.

How cool would it be to almost overnight break through to millions of people all around the world and infect their minds with life changing ideas of freedom…

To give the Tea Party the confidence and intellectual foundation to get a REAL alternative to the “lesser of two evils” political system…

To be able to show the entire play book of the Elite, so that no one ever is fooled by their games…

To show the world the crimes against humanity by the few Elite that control our paradigm…

To be able to systematically and speedily take people through the 5 Stages of Awakening...

To teach people how our debt/money system is rigged game…

To give away the blueprint for leaderless resistance…

To really hack at the root of all of our problems… our thinking.


So here I am taking my leap of faith. I will be making the entire life’s work of the Sons of Liberty Academy for free. My hope is that more people will join and see what a tremendous value it is and how it can change their life. I believe enough people will donate to support the Academy to keep it growing and free from outside influence. (Anyone that has paid in the past and would like a refund, please email me a SS[at]SonsOfLibertyAcademy[dot]com.)

Ideas don.t happen on their own. Throughout history ideas need patrons..

If it is something you like or find interesting, recommend it to your friends and family, it is free.

If it is something you feel grateful for, donate money to the Academy at the bottom of each module.

If it is something you feel passionate about, stay tuned we are building an army of wide awake Patriots.

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